David Alastre is a musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist from Venezuela now based in New York City. At 6 years old David began his musical studies at The CEMI Conservatory in Ciudad Guayana directed by Rito Mantilla and Orlando Sifontes, who were his Theory and Harmony teachers. His mother was instrumental in Davids musical training, taking on the challenge of time management, support and encouragement that was needed to make this possible. David's first instrument was the Cuatro; Venezuelan folk instrument, which he studied under the renowned Professor Proto Lopez. At the Conservatory he studied different instruments, but his determination and passion was towards the piano which today stands as his main instrument and showcases his incredible talent. His Professors Martha Mary Pazos and Martha Lievano, were the cornerstone of the initiation of his piano studies. He expanded his knowledge of harmony by taking lessons with Master Gerry weil.  A well known pianist originally from Austria but based in Venezuela and Master Nelson Machado recognized Venezuelan bassist.


As a professional musician is credited worked on stage with national and international artists such as: Ronald Borjas, Nelson Arrieta, Victor Muñoz, MV Caldera, Jorge Glem, Maelo Ruiz, Roberto Blades, Javier Zalez, Marcial Isturiz, José “Papo” Rivera,  Ingrid Rosario, Jennifer Salinas, Rut Mixter, Ricardo Rodríguez, Danny Berrios, David Scarpeta, José Luis González, D3, D Plan, Jota Santos, Mr Baco, and others. He has produced and worked on recording material contained various artists including: DLKSA, Monica Lugo, Luigi Cortes, Dave Rukkus, Kingsland,  Quincy Mumford, Leo Gruber, Alejandro Alcalá, Jesus Ayala, D3, Alex Miranda, Allison Vela, Carlos Capacho, Mr Baco, Berejú, José Luis González. 


It feels grateful to God first, then with all his teachers as well as fellow musicians and artists with whom he had the pleasure to share and cultivate their talents. Although he confesses that his two strongest musical influences in the early years of his life were his father and a brother of his father who encouraged her early melomanía.